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Spokane’s Best Neighborhoods –

Hipster Rating (out of 10): 1
Predominant Housing Prices: 
Ownership: $550,000+
Rental: Very little, if any, rental options.
Housing Density: Large single family residences.
Mixed Use Rating: Poor

Manito Country Club neighborhood boundaries, Spokane, Washington
The Manito Country Club is one of Spokane’s premier neighborhoods.

Manito Country Club Neighborhood Description

Caution! Entering a total snobatorium. Wear the required PPE and be sure to shower upon return. Manito Country Club is such a snobby neighborhood that I have to stick my pinkie in the air when I pull from my Natty Light as I write this.

Aside from the old-school exclusive attitude that permeates the neighborhood, it is quite beautiful. Located as the South Hill transitions into Southgate Neighborhood, Manito Country Club is anchored by, you guessed it, a golf course. Homes are ornate, large, and pricey, particularly those overlooking the bluff. The trees are mature, the lawns are green, the money is green, and you get to fake nice to your neighbors. Welcome home.

From a livability perspective, Manito Country Club will live more suburban than urban but, nevertheless, you’re still a short drive from most all your needs. Despite the snobbery, Manito Country Club is ranked high on this list for a reason.

Elements that Create Great Neighborhoods

An Identifiable Center

Flat and basic, Manito Country Club Golf Course ain’t no Indian Canyon.

Of course the center of a neighborhood that has the phrase “country club” in it is a golf course. That said, there is another, less exclusive center called Rocket Market, which is, of all things, a gas station. It just so happens to be a gas station whereby one can purchase gourmet cheeses, $12 growlers of micro-brews, and even sit outside and see a show from time to time. The golf course is, without question, the center and anchor of the neighborhood, but Rocket Market is the commercial hub that reflects household income levels accordingly. It’s one hell of a gas station.


Manito Country Club does well in this category thanks to the roughly 350 foot bluff that adds something close to a cliff edge to the neighborhood. On the northern and eastern edges, however, the boundaries are more subtle as Southgate and the Central South Hill transition into Manito Country Club.

A Front Door

There are several gated subdivisions within Manito Country Club neighborhood, so I suppose we could call those front doors. Nevertheless, on the whole, there’s no formal announcement that you're entering the neighborhood upon arrival.

There are lots of gates in the Manito Country Club neighborhood.

Mixed Land Uses

There’s a golf course, a gas station, and single family residential in Manito Country Club. Nothing else, so not much of a mix.

Diverse Architecture

Manito Country Club does well in this category, particularly if you appreciate late 1970s through about mid-1980s architecture, because that’s when most of the neighborhood was built. Thus, you’ll see more complicated, sophisticated, and luxurious versions of split level ranchers throughout the neighborhood. 

View Homes For Sale In The Manito Country Club Neighborhood

Buildings that Address the Street

Not a whole lot of ornate front porches in Manito Country Club. It’s not really the sort of place where one sips a cool iced tea during a summer’s evening and leisurely chats with all the neighbors as they mosey by. It’s a private neighborhood, it was built to be a private neighborhood, the architecture reflects the neighborhood’s intent for privacy, and the inhabitants function accordingly.

Since I don’t have the codes to any of the gated communities in Manito Country Club, you’re stuck with this view of a street outside the gates. Peasants, indeed.

Streets that Generally Connect

Mixed reviews for Manito County Club here. Many of the roads connect. I good handful, however, end in a cul de sac. 1980s suburban design at its finest.

Detached Sidewalks

I know I just said this, but it begs repeating: 1980s suburban design at its finest. There are no sidewalks in Manito Country Club, much less detached ones.

Street Trees

The neighborhood has many trees, none of them are neatly organized into lines along a street, however.


For the purposes of SpokanePlanner’s neighborhood rankings, “walkability” means walkable access to different land uses. Manito Country Club does not do well in this category.

Neighborhood Challenges

Manito Country Club is one of the few gated communities within Spokane city limits. It’s not trying to accommodate urban thinkers like SpokanePlanner. It’s accommodating those with money that like privacy. Thus, I could sit here and argue the neighborhood is chalk full of challenges and adds little to Spokane’s overall urban health (and I’d be mostly right). But I think you get the point, if you have money and you like golf, privacy, and a good view, Manito Country Club neighborhood is the place for you.

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