#9 Indian Canyon

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Spokane's Best Neighborhoods --

Hipster Rating (out of 10): 5
Predominant Housing Prices:
Ownership: Around $300,000 but with much variance
Rental: Around $1,200
Housing Density: Mostly single family in the lower reaches and mostly multi family in the upper reaches.
Mixed Use Rating: Fair, due an abundance of recreational amenities.

Indian Canyon neighborhood boundaries in Spokane, Washington
Indian Canyon is just up the hill from downtown Spokane.

Indian Canyon Neighborhood Description

Indian Canyon brims with recreational amenities. If you like biking, hiking, or strolls with your dog in some of the best natural areas within Spokane, Indian Canyon Neighborhood abides. Only a couple short minutes from downtown, your commute is quick to the urban core.

Indian Canyon takes it name from the waterfall and canyon that's tucked away within it, as does the municipal golf course that anchors the neighborhood. Because of Indian Canyon Golf Course, the City of Spokane owns a dearth of natural areas surrounding it, which provide plenty of trails fit for mountain bikes or rigorous hikes and runs. The lower reaches of Indian Canyon Neighborhood are extraordinarily family friendly. With the woods that surround the golf course always just a block or two away, kids have a wealth of opportunities for exploration. During the winter months, the steep hills of the golf course sure do make for some excellent sledding or cross country skiing, too. The cherry on top is Indian Canyon Neighborhood feeds into Hutton Elementary on the South Hill, one of Spokane's finest public elementary schools.

Elements that Create Great Neighborhoods

An Identifiable Center

One may think the center of Indian Canyon is Indian Canyon Golf Course. To the contrary, the center of the neighborhood is actually the humble Whittier Park, which serves as an orientation point for the neighborhood.

One could argue that Indian Canyon Golf Course is the center of the neighborhood — an argument I would sympathize with. Built on a steep hillside, pretty much every hole at Indian Canyon plays down the hill or back up it. It’s a beautiful course. (Photo courtesy of City of Spokane)


Tucked away on the up-slope of Sunset Hill, Indian Canyon's boundaries are well defined by arterial streets on all sides. Given the neighborhood's generally limited access points, one is well aware when entering into or departing Indian Canyon.

A Front Door

Indian Canyon has no grand entry point that marks its geography, a factor ripe for improvement.

Mixed Land Uses

The land use mix in Indian Canyon is residential or recreational and not much else. There are very few commercial land uses within Indian Canyon, aside from the golf course, which does serve food and libations. Additionally, the view from the club house is spectacular.

Diverse Architecture

You'll find everything from the shabby-chic to full blown mansions within Indian Canyon. No two homes are alike.

Buildings that Address the Street

Indian Canyon does generally well within this category. Its homes are front-yard focused and engaging.

Streets that Generally Connect

Although access into the neighborhood is limited, once inside, Indian Canyon Neighborhood's streets connect with each other well, aside from geologic obstacles here and there.

Detached Sidewalks

Indian Canyon could improve in this category. Its sidewalks are sporadic if existent at all.

Street Trees

Here's another category where Indian Canyon can improve. Although lush with native Ponderosa Pines, ornate tree lined streets are the exception within the neighborhood.


Being a residential neighborhood with limited mixed land uses, the quiet streets will serve you well for a pleasant stroll or a game of street football.

Neighborhood Challenges

Indian Canyon Neighborhood is likely the most underrated amongst Spokane's best neighborhoods. Tucked away and often forgotten, its quiet style leaves little to be desired. A few more sidewalks, a few more street trees, and a proper front door would be the cherry on top of a sweet, sweet part of Spokane.

(Featured photo from Adventure Spokane)

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