#6 South Perry Neighborhood

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Spokane’s Best Neighborhoods -

Hipster Rating (out of 10): 10
Predominant Housing Prices:
Ownership: Around $290,000
Rentals: Around $1,100
Housing Density: Moderate
Mixed Use Rating: Good

South Perry is located just southeast of downtown Spokane.

South Perry Neighborhood Description

It wasn’t too long ago when the South Perry Neighborhood had a less than desirable reputation. Still, it’s on the list because today the old R & R is now a Wisconsin Burger, and the old Altamont Pharmacy is now an upscale hipster restaurant.

South Perry Neighborhood has transitioned from what it was a few decades ago to one of the hippest destinations in the city.

Elements that Create Great Neighborhoods

An Identifiable Center

South Perry’s neighborhood center is generally from about 8th Avenue up to about 11th along Perry Street. Pubs, little shops, eateries, and an energetic, active street environment greet the visitor upon entry. Particularly during summer evenings, the South Perry Neighborhood center is bustling with energy. City of Spokane boosters trumpet South Perry as an economic development victory, and rightfully so, and it's investments in the neighborhood center that have proved most significant to revitalizing the neighborhood.


South Perry’s boundaries are mostly quite subtle. Along the peripheries of the neighborhood, it would be easy to argue whether or not you’re actually in it. Along Perry’s northern flanks the neighborhood transitions into the east end of downtown, it is here you will find some of Spokane’s most hidden residential areas, particularly overlooking the cliffs above Liberty Park.

A Front Door

There are no front doors into the South Perry Neighborhood. The biggest opportunity exists along Author Street, which is an arterial that curves into Perry Street as one travels south bound away from downtown.

Mixed Land Uses

South Perry does well with this category. The nearer you get to the neighborhood center, the more diversified the land use mix.

Diverse Architecture

South Perry is among Spokane’s older neighborhoods. There is a great mix of residential architecture of all shapes and sizes throughout the neighborhood. Old and new commercial investments also add much character to the neighborhood.

The Cambern Dutch Shop Windmill was built in 1929 and is now an organic food store. (Photo from VelcroKarma)

Structures that Address the Street

With only a couple of exceptions, the South Perry Neighborhood interacts with the traveler quite well. Expansive front porches, zero setbacks, and wide sidewalks enable structures to interact with the street.

Streets that Generally Connect

Most streets in the South Perry Neighborhood connect. The expansive Grant Park and Elementary School grounds are the only inhibitors (in a good way) that enable all streets from connecting.

Detached Sidewalks

South Perry has a mix of attached sidewalks that hug the street and detached sidewalks separated from the street with a tree lawn. The good news is the entire neighborhood has sidewalks and there are few, if any, gaps in the pedestrian infrastructure.

Street Trees

Street trees within South Perry are somewhat spotty. Along some blocks, a dense, uniform line of foliage exists. Along others, however, there is room for improvement.


Although in the farther flung reaches of the South Perry Neighborhood, walkability may diminish, for the most part it is entirely possible to live in the neighborhood without owning a vehicle.

Neighborhood Challenges

The most glaring challenge for the South Perry Neighborhood lies at the intersection of 9th Avenue and Perry Street. An old, vacated grocery store dominates the intersection, surrounded, of course, by a vast surface parking lot. This dead zone does, from time to time, attract graft and just generally acts as blight to the surrounding revitalization efforts. The parcel itself represents the largest redevelopment opportunity in the neighborhood and is ripe for a public/private partnership. The parcel is large enough to support a higher density, multi-story, mixed use development; thus, a well-designed project that integrates smart growth principles is the last hurdle for South Perry to rightfully take a seat within the hipster promised land.

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