A Few Signs Spokane is Hipper than You Think

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We Elected a City Council Person that Grows Pot

Everyone around Spokane knows City Councilwoman Karen Stratton grows pot but when Seattle’s hipster indie newspaper published “The Weed Queen of Spokane,” it finally dawned on this totally dense blogger how cool it is to have an elected official in the industry. We’re likely the only city in the nation with a city councilperson that grows marijuana. Seems to me all the hippy coastal cities have a little catching up to do. I think it’s safe to say Spokane is on the cutting edge of the marijuana industry, and we did it organically by hardly trying.

We’re Affordable by Nature

Hey, tech hipsters, you’re paying too much to be in crap space in Oakland or Kent or Beaverton or wherever it is you’re paying $75/sq ft just to be about two hours from the action on a good day. You can get better space in Spokane in the middle of the action, not on the fringes, and for a quarter of the price. Do yourself a favor, move to Spokane and save a few bucks. Just so happens I know just the space for ya, see below.

Spokane has the Best Shared Workspace in Washington State

Did you see that cover photo above? There ain't nobody in the state that does shared space better than Fellow Coworking. You heard right, the best coworking space in the state. How do you like them apples, Seattle?

Our Food Culture is LA Times’ Worthy

When a top-tier news outlet in America’s second largest city drops an article about how bad-ass your restaurant scene is, we’re doing something right.

Transit is a Priority

Smart cities, cities that have a firm grasp on the future, understand that prioritizing different modes of transportation above and beyond just accommodating cars, is a recipe for a healthy city. Spokane Transit Authority’s dogged determination to see through the almost decade long planning for their Central City Line is a testament to prioritizing something other than building more vehicle lanes on our local arterials. The quality of life difference between cities that prioritize moving people around over moving cars around is significant. Twenty-first century cities move people, and that's exactly what Spokane intends to do.

Net Zero Energy Consumption

Spokane produces as much energy as it consumes. One of the few modern cities in the world that can say as much. It's safe to say we're on the leading edge of the sustainable practices.

New Spokane has Overtaken Old Spokane

The Spokane of yester-year is barely hanging on. Every metro goes through a transition, a maturation, puberty – that awkward process of change between continuing the old way of doing things (and always failing), or trying something different, something new, innovative. Spokane is ripe to redefine outmoded organizational systems and ripe to chart a course into the 21st century that distinguishes our metro from all others. That’s called poise, baby, and Spokane is positioned better than any other city in the west to capture the next cycle of growth and investment.

Cover photo provided by the best coworking space in Washington State, Fellow Coworking.

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