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Spokane's Best Neighborhoods -

Hipster Rating (out of 10): 7
Predominant Housing Prices:
Ownership: Around $350,000
Rental: Around $1,100
Housing Density: Moderate - mix of single family and multi-family.
Mixed Use Rating: Fair, due to proximity to downtown.

The Lower South Hill neighborhood is just southwest of downtown.

Lower South Hill Neighborhood Description

The Lower South Hill neighborhood of Spokane is located adjacent to downtown between about 4th Avenue and roughly 14th Avenue as the physical South Hill begins its dramatic up-slope from the Spokane River bottoms. The Lower South Hill is a lovely mix of stately mansions -- some converted to multi-family and some remain single family -- condos, and apartment complexes. You'll also find a fair share of smaller craftsman homes with more affordable purchase flexibility.

It is important to note that the Lower South Hill Neighborhood does not encompass all of the actual lower South Hill but only the northwest portion.

Elements that Create Great Neighborhoods

An Identifiable Center

The Lower South Hill Neighborhood does not have an identifiable center. Some may argue, and rightfully so, that the Lower South Hill is actually more of a transition neighborhood between downtown and the upper South Hill neighborhoods.


The Lower South Hill's boundaries are fairly distinguishable. With downtown to the north, a dense hospital district to the east, and bluffs to the west. It's the southern boundary that is most subtle but, generally speaking, the neighborhood becomes less dense and more stable as you move southward up the hill.

A Front Door

There's not really a front door to the Lower South Hill. Signs, however, point out when you enter Cannon's Addition, one of Spokane's first big subdivisions, which comprises the bulk of the Lower South Hill Neighborhood.

Mixed Land Uses

The Lower South Hill is pretty good toward this end given its walkable proximity to downtown. There are plenty of grocery stores, coffee shops, pubs, and lots of other commercial amenities within or in close proximity to the neighborhood.

Diverse Architecture

The Lower South Hill is about as diverse as they come when it comes to architecture. Being one of the original neighborhoods in Spokane, the Lower South Hill was built during a period in urban history whereby great pride was taken into architectural effects. The Lower South Hill is like a buffet of architectural choices, so much so I don't even no the names of all the varieties. I do know, however, you will be pleased with your options.

Buildings that Address the Street

Nearly every home and commercial structure on the Lower South Hill has a good relationship with the street. Taken in sum, this is one of the strongest factors contributing to the neighborhood's placement on the list of Spokane's Best Neighborhoods.

Streets that Generally Connect

You won't find any cul-de-sacs on the Lower South Hill. The neighborhood's street design is a nearly flawless grid pattern.

Detached Sidewalks

Nearly every sidewalk in the neighborhood is detached from the street.

Street Trees

A rich canopy of street trees blankets the Lower South Hill. Most streets have a uniform line of mature oaks and maples.


The Lower South Hill would not be one of Spokane's Best Neighborhoods if it wasn't walkable. Access to just about everything is only a short jaunt away.

Neighborhood Challenges

Petty crime is an issue that may keep some families away. Additionally, some properties within the neighborhood are ill-maintained and/or harbor tenants that are less than responsible neighbors.

(Featured photo from Historic Spokane)

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