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Spokane's Best Parks -

Comstock Park is similar in almost every way to Audubon Park (the 9th best park in Spokane) except for one significant factor, instead of a simple splash pad, Comstock has a full-blown pool and aquatics area. Comstock Park is the first park on the list located on Spokane’s South Hill in the Comstock neighborhood. At nearly 25 acres, with rolling greens, mature trees, playgrounds, and ball fields, you may be surprised to hear that Comstock is one of the worst parks on the South Hill of Spokane. This says much about Spokane’s superior quality of park design compared to other cities, big and small, throughout the country.

The neighborhood surrounding Comstock is generally upper-income and one of the more desirable locations in Spokane. Like Audubon Park on the north side, Comstock is the South Hill’s preferred destination for outdoor summer concerts.

Spokane Symphony concert in Comstock Park
The Spokane Symphony performing in Comstock Park.

(Featured photo courtesy of Councilman-Hunsaker)

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